Pete Masters, London porn star

Im currently seeing VERY few new guys & my current price reflects this.
Ill only reply if you make explicitly clear youve read my website.
Heres how:

Be respectful!
Messages saying only Hi or similar won't earn a reply.
Tell me about yourself - age, build, anything relevant + SFW pics welcome.
Tell me in sufficient detail what you want & when.
Make clear you've read & understood ALL details below - if I discover otherwise, it's over.
Bookings taken 1 day in advance firmly @300/hr - details below.
I don't do 'chat' so please keep subsequent messages to the point.
Be patient - Im not always awake or next to my phone.

So having said that Hi, Im Pete - a fit, hairy, manly and educated Australian 'porn star' top with a friendly, honest attitude.
I'm 49yo, 6'0" tall (182cm), 86kg gym fit, dark blonde/greying hair, blue eyes, very masculine & VERY hairy.
I'm an active top with a 7" thick, cut cock. I've recorded with Treasure Island and have JustForFans & OnlyFans - previews below.

I'm very much into kissing, touching and exploring one another slowly and gently.
But I'm also a naturally dominant top Daddy and when I choose to I take control.
Plus I have very special tantric techniques with my hands which drives some guys wild!
Note that Im not into chems. You can see exactly what I'm into below.

Right above Clapham Common tube station, 10-20 mins from central London.

I only do in calls (my place) @300 for up to an hour, but I don't clockwatch and often go over.
Bookings preferably taken 1 day in advance; last minute may be possible with a few hours notice.
My flat & I are clean & discreet. Availability 3-9pm only most days. Booking details below.

Below are previews from my JustForFans & OnlyFans pages:

WHATSAPP ONLY: 07530 612 252
(SMS or calls impossible as there's no phone, only Whatsapp)

Previews - JustForFans & OnlyFans:

On some devices vid icons may not show - zoom & click below as 6 vids ARE there.
These are previews from my JustForFans & OnlyFans pages - for more go to:
And for the latest vids check out @PeteMastersXXX on Twitter


If you liked those and want to see and know more about me, full versions plus loads more vids, pics, etc are at:

Booking details:

Thanks for looking further into my details. For those who are new to this, this is how things work with me.

Initially I need to know two important details: When? And what precisely do you want to do? I only do in calls (my place, above Clapham Common tube) and am currently only available roughly 3-9pm. Ill also need information about you (SFW pics welcome) & what you like doing. Everything I do is listed below, so tell me exactly what you want.

Whilst I need details of what you want to do, I prefer not to have a lengthy to-and-fro about every detail so be concise as well. If I detect youre not genuine I will stop replying - I don't do chats!

Note that Im not a masseur and I dont do chems, nor do I see guys who are on them - if you want either of these please try another escort. I choose who I see every bit as carefully as you do, and I'm not gonna lie about what I like - I'm here to enjoy myself too! Note I do 3-somes only if the third guy is another escort - I can sometimes suggest one although you'd need to arrange it.

Bookings taken 1 day in advance unless you have very special circumstances (eg. if you're only in London very briefly) in which case a confirmation is required the day before. If you cancel, regardless of circumstances, there are NO second chances unless you bank transfer payment for the cancelled session.

If you decide to book please calculate a realistic, precise arrival time and try to stick to it. I cant accept vague estimates as I need to be ready for you. And if youre running late please let me know. I can usually accommodate a little lateness but if youre significantly late then you may find yourself with a shorter but full price session.

I always have condoms and lube but if you require anything else please let me know beforehand.

I have a modern, clean flat located above Clapham Common tube station - but if you have a CAT ALLERGY Im not your man! When you arrive please be polite and courteous and I will be the same, even if weve agreed to role play. And I require non-negotiable cash payment, sometimes up front.

Lastly, have fun!! I know how to relax people very quickly and Im great with inexperienced guys. So just relax and enjoy yourself. Most guys book to see me again so Im clearly doing something right! And trust me, if you've read this far and processed it then relax, I know we'll get along fine. (The only people I don't click with are those who can't follow instructions - and yes, this is partly a test! I'm choosing you just as much as you're choosing me.)

What I Do:

Kissing, hugging, body contact, wanking, oral, my special tantric techniques (examples in Previews, above), gentle slow love making to a hard pounding fuck (I'm top only).

Daddy/boy & coach/boy role play, verbal, raw/bb (I'm neg on prep so I can fuck safe or raw with 100% safety), toys of all sorts including cock rings, dildos, fleshlights, prostate massagers, sounding rods, electro kit etc, plus sports kit, jocks & socks, leather, lycra, suits, daddy kit, speedos and underwear from tight white to kinky see-through etc. Also (and I'm active/dom only ALL of these): mild to moderate domination, body worship, foot worship, gagging on my cock, spit/gob, tying up with rope & handcuffs, blindfold, ball torture.

Not into chems (you or me), really severe pain giving (none at all for me, thanks!), spanking, choking, rape roleplay, giving massages, arse play & fisting, me rimming or brown/ scat.

I'm also an expert with inexperienced guys and new bottoms. I know exactly what to say and do to get you relaxed and make it work.

Customer comments:
"I can feel your cum still inside. Hell of a load you deposited! Seeing your cum soaked into my black briefs was inredible! Had the best wank." L, August 2020.
"Our time together was exceptional! I am addicted to it. Spent my entire day thinking about you in me!!" J, October 2019.
"Thank you for being so friendly to me. I felt really knackered and sleepy after." D, September 2019.
"DADDY!!! Had a really good time. Thank you so much." A, September 2019.
"You're great P, love your dominance!" H, August 2019.
"I miss spending that time with you. You're such a nice guy. I adore you. You're so polite." D, July 2019.
"I love taking your cum home with me." C, April 2019.
"Pete, really thanks. I feel great. Wish you were available on the NHS." N, March 2019.
"I am still ruined from the other night. Still thinking about it and can feel you deep inside my ass and kissing me deep." R, March 2019.
"Always love our hot BB sessions, you always fill me up." M, January 2019.
"I can't stop thinking about last night. You're so beautiful." T, December 2018.
"You are the best Daddy ever!" S, October 2018.
"Sir. You have no idea what you did to me. I cannot stop thinking about you. You're incredible." D, September 2018.
"Spent day in meetings imagining you unloading into me last time! Not been able to concentrate. Horned up like mad." G, September 2018.
"Thank you so much as always. Could kiss and lay with you all day!" C, August 2018.
"It was great, a bit intense too, I liked that. You made me cum so hard!" S, August 2018.
"Hope to feel your magic finger again." T, March 2018.
"I was very excited again for you. I miss you lots. I love it!" M, February 2018.
"You're a fucking decent fella and the sex we have is pretty awesome." S, January 2018.
"You gave me a really happy new year! Still can't catch my breath. Thank you." A, January 2018.
"Don't want to sound obsessive or clingy at all but I haven't stopped thinking about the fantastic experience we had last week. Haven't had an experience like that in so long." C, December 2017.
"Thanks again, it way surpassed my expectations. You were beyond sexy and horny and the tantric stuff was sensational! You've left me desiring so much!" K, October 2017.
"Pete, what can I say? Just a fantastic 2 hours and a wonderful leaving present. Thank you, thank you!" R, September 2017.
"That was one word - superb! Thanks so much. It was delightful." C, June 2017.
"To say you're hot and an incredible lover is an understatement. A real nice guy as well which made it special for me. Can't wait to be in those big arms again." D, Mar 2017.
"I was transported to an orgasmic place that I wished would never end, your kissing and fucking are heavenly" R, February 2017.
"You make me feel wanted. You also cum and enjoy my company. No other escort has ever done that for me. Top class!!" U, February 2017.
"You are an amazing sexual partner. I came without touching my cock. You also enjoyed fucking me, which feels great. Many thanks." P, December 2016.
"That night was like the Mozart of sex for me. Everything else since has been elevator music." R, November 2016.
"Just wanted to say thank you, really enjoyed being with you! You're a lovely & very sexy guy. Plus you made me feel special, thank you." I, September 2016.
"Very polite and considerate and above all a really nice person who is easy to be with and talk to. I enjoyed the whole experience." J, July 2016.
"Viagra on legs." H, March 2016.